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The Law Office of Tina Sypek D’Amato, LLC

Law Office of Tina Sypek D’Amato, LLC. is a small law firm with a big heart” is both the motto and the philosophy of the Law Office of Tina Sypek D’Amato in Rockville , LLC. She is a criminal defense lawyer and handles all maters, including but not limited to, sexual assaults, assaults, risk of injury, domestic violence, drug crimes, gun crimes, strangulation, kidnaping, larceny, fraud, drug trafficking, manslaughter, reckless driving and infractions as well as juvenile offenses, pardons and probation violations. If you want a lawyer that answers her own phone, makes herself available, cares about you, Attorney Tina Sypek D’Amato is your lawyer!

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Criminal Law Firm Stafford Springs

15 Park Street Rockville, CT 06066